Problem run on device

Question for Samsung teams.

since I changed my email address on my account, I can no longer access Samsung Develloper and now it’s Gear Watch Designer who no longer recognizes the watch ID.

regularly, you close my page on the store. and you put it back when I e-mail you.
(I’m at 15 emails and the problem is still unresolved.

so: I can’t access my accounts with the Samsung develloper email address.
On Gear Watch Designer, the “Run On Device” feature does not recognize the watch. I think it’s related to this connection problem.

thank you for not sending me back to the pages “how to connect his watch” etc, it’s been two years that I use GWD and it’s a problem of change of email address.

Seller name : Fred’s Design
email :

I have this problem since March, thank you for helping me

Are you trying to access the seller store or Samsung Developer Program. Are you trying to upload watches to the store? Anyone that had not accepted the new terms and conditions were removed as watch sellers in March.

Samsung Developer Program

with the old email address, it tells me:
Sign up failed
You have asked to delete your samsung account
Try again later

and with the new one, it says:
Email update
You recently updated your email in your samsung account. We’re updating our system with your new email.
Please try again later.

as I can no longer access my account, I contacted samsung with another account to send the document:
Galaxy Store Watch Face Service Pledge.

your colleague told me that he had sent the document to the department concerned. except that my account is still blocked.

We will handle this in the other thread and by messaging

Samsung Developer Program

Thank you Ron. :slight_smile: