"Profile" menu disappeared from Settings on GWA2?

Title says everything.

I used to have a “Profile” menu in the settings on my watch, but now it disappeared, and I only have

  • Units
  • Workout detection
  • Inactive time alerts
  • HR and stress measurements
  • Data permissions
  • Help

So, any idea, how can I change my weight profile on the watch?

I believe Weight and Calories were deprecated from Galaxy Watch a year ago but probably didn’t get changed in your watch until a recent update.

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes, last summer weight and calories management got deprecated, but Profile shall not be related to “calories management”. In the profile menu I had chance to update my:

  • Body weight
  • Height
  • Birthday

Though these are not changing constantly (at least last two), but this profile menu was the only one where I can check my body weight. I have a smart scale which uploads my everyday weight into SHealth, and I usually have no idea of the measurement by memory, and I could check here in profile.

Now after some recent upgrade this is not possible anymore. And I’m constantly updating my watch’s software so this was not happened last summer when Samsung made these calories and weight management deprecated. During that time only widgets disappeared, profile menu stayed intact.

Now, after all this is a developer forum, can you tell me if the watch still has this profile information?
I.e.: can I write a simple watch app to display my weight, OR the weight info is staying on the phone and not available on the watch anymore? (–> therefore I have to write a companion application for android and tizen too to get a feature which was working a year ago? :smiley: )

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you can not access Samsung Health from a Tizen App. You can access the Tizen Sensor but not the actual Health SDK information.
Up until a year ago you could access Samsung Health for personal use as a Developer Partner. However that was suspended.

I can submit that weight be added to the Watch Samsung Health Profile in the Unified Platform for the next generation Galaxy Watches. It looks like wearOS has body weight tracking.

Samsung Developer Relations

Wow, thanks.

I think I will move to some other brand as Samsung seem not caring at all with their customers.

Up until then I’ll hack my SHealth app (disassembly, modify and reassemble) to publish my weight info.
That’s really not the way how things should work in 2021. :frowning:

Agreed, I’ll push this up the chain, it may be in an upcoming solution but that is nothing I’d know about.


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