Progress Bars

I sort of started this in a different topic and got side tracked to doing just a TEXT ONLY Face.
So, starting a new one to sort out the PROGRESS BARS.

Looking to do something like this.

So far this is all I can get.
The bars do change with the HR and the BO2 levels but I cannot get them and the text or Icons to end up in the places i want on the watch.
I have a Ticwatch Pro 5.

Would any of these be useful?

Ok I did both searches and read everything and tried those that seemed applicable and I cannot get a wide Progress Bar …


Ok. Found this and it seems to imply that the only way I will get a WIDE PROGRESS BAR is via Adobe Illustrator.
That makes no sense because I have the controls in WFS to make the wide bars.

You could increase thickness of the progressbar… to much larger then u see on wfs to compensate…unless your watch defaults to that size…via scaling

Doesn’t seem to matter what “thickness” I set.
what is on the watch screen shot is what I get.
Circular is even weirder. No matter what “angular length” I set, I get 360 .

Ok, something wrong, not full wear os i guess

For Heart Rate don’t use a complication type just use the component type Progress bar and the Value is the tag [HR] you can make that any size you want.
Use a Text box and the same [HR] tag for the number read out.

What type of complication type did you use to get a Blood Oxygen progress bar?

Samsung Developer Relations

I was using the same for both.

Is there a standardized list of tge “tags”.?
Does TicWatch follow the standard i wonder?

Why not? I thought the complication was invented to source data , but also to make the data user configurable. Or are half of them still broken?

@Peter Probably because as op stated his complication type progress bar is not showing the correct thickness, so @r.liechty_SDR is guiding op to alternative work around meanwhile

For this seem any range complication he uses is broken

The list is here
Or click any aplicable field and scroll down to find your desired tag or function

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It was rhetoric question.
btw. in some old topic I was asking why the WFS is lacking some features the GWD already had. Answer was, to serve all possible wearOS watches, which may not support all the features Samsung watches have. And this is where it came to. Even this feature that should supposedly work on all seems even after years still half way broken anyway.
Google pampers its own watch first and others later, maybe Samsung should have done the same from beginning.

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I agree with some points u made but…i advocate in drawing the line between issues with wfs vs issues on the particular watch. Example if i have a standard but the watch developer deviaties or modified the standard to suits its business then anything wfs does will not fixed the issue the watch should be the one fixing the issue or providing and coding their complications according to wear os wff standards

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True, and WFS users are the guinea pig hostages in the process.
No, sorry for my earlier words, I am just tired of searching for workarounds.
That is what I did for my watch, which is getting old meanwhile. And now if I replace it, I would like something better in every way, not only in some and without workarounds.

There also issue of proprietary code, of the apps in the watch. Only hope is at minumiun samsung and google watch faces will iron out all this issues.

And then I am working on a TicWatch and the designer/builder has released their own Face Design Tool called TimeShow that in order to get to all the design tools, I would have to pay $19.99/mo US.

So, for me, I will have to live with work-a-rounds.

Or spent a one time 700+ to get a new watch
Thats is fully supported :grinning:

Ps; Does it have a trail period?

I am not interested in anything Apple.
Fossil just bowed out of the watch business.
I have 80 hr battery life in full function mode including High HR ALARM.
I could switch to “essential mode” and still monitor HR but not have alarms (although I would get on screen color alerts) for up to 45 DAYS…
In either mode I can monitor BO2