Project Security Pledge Accept Time

i have been approved as a Galaxy Watch designer two days ago. same day i complated the Project Security Pledge Accept form and uploaded it using the same page.
At the same time i received an email that says my Application Form for Galaxy Watch Design has been successfully submitted.
Today i try to add a watch face to seller portal but it says i do not have permission to upload it.
So, anyone know how long it will take to accept the Project Security Pledge?
Thank you.

It takes a couple days to be white listed on the Seller Portal. Hopefully it is now.

Once you submit it someone has to approve it and then they whitelist you.

Usually it is a very short time but the pledge needs to be manually checked for errors and approved.

It you are not approved by Monday let me know and I can notify the team to check. I have a working relationship with that team.

Samsung Developer Relations.

Thank you for your interest Ron, i received the mail hours ago.i was excited and i guess i was hasty.