Watch Face Seller Pledge

So, Samsung sent us the email regarding signing of this new pledge, and I missed that email due to loads of work during covid-19 lockdown. Next, I open a ticket asking for what can be done and the response I received was close to, well, “hard luck, sorry for the inconvenience”! But what now? How will I regain my access if ever!

When I open the link of the pledge it says: “You cannot apply until the next application cycle begins.” Again, when will that be? how will I know when or how to apply? What will happen to my previous sales balance? will I have to create a new seller account? many unanswered questions, they should not be doing such harsh move and after sending out this one single email which can easily be missed in thousands of other emails and spam folders as well!

Please advise what can be done at this point to retain my account and continue selling watch faces, thank you.



I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but failure to submit a pledge is a violation of section 3.1 of the terms and conditions agreement of the seller portal.
Section 3.1
In order to access certain Services, you may be required to provide information about yourself as part of the registration process for the Services, or as part of your continued use of the Services.

For legal reasons having reasonable contact with the seller store is highly important and failure to do so is being enforced strictly and no exceptions have been granted. But you can request one, ask the seller portal support 1:1 Enquiry and they will say no and send you to another link.

The new pledge includes a section that the seller takes responsibility for any plagiarism and since you did not do that your content was suspended. Suspended content can be downloaded by a previous owner but is not available in the store. Your account is still active you should contact the seller portal support 1:1 Enquiry about any balance in the account.

The next application date for Watch Face Designer ecosystem will be in August but very few new or returning designers will be accepted.

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Hello dear,
Thank you for your message. I totally understand this, but Samsung did not provide sufficient time for such activity and you did not take into consideration that emails could end up in the junk/spam folders as well.

I login daily to my seller portal and this is the location where such pledge should have been requested. I do have the signed pledge document here with me but am not able to provide it as the end date has passed and the form is not submitting.

If I can provide it manually to someone’s email, that would be great instead of having to go through the request to reapply in august. I do understand it was my mistake not to check my email in time; but I still believe the window given was too narrow and no further reminders were sent out as well.

If no manual alternative is there, I will have to apply in august and hope for the best.

Again, thank you for your response.