Promotions and overall store layout

The current changes that were made to watch face promotions last year have really been so bad for business. Even customers say they struggle to find something and when a promotion is running it is mixed up with other faces and becomes a mess. (Paralysis by Analysis)

It is hard to build a brand and I have spoken to other developers that share the same opinions. My business has dropped 500% over this year.

Please bring back banners like it was in the past where devs could build a brand and have happy customers as well.

Also the store layout, it is really convoluted, I had 2 faces come out this week and asked my wife to find them and she could not, things like new releases etc, it is just so bad to what it was.

I don’t know why these changes were made and if no one else here feels the same it is fine, but I am just sad at the state things are in. This is not sustainable anymore and now with the wear OS problems as well and a store front that we will get absolutely no exposure from, all I can ask for and suggest is to have a look at how things were compared to now, and also how it has affected us.


I don’t mean to be unsympathetic but can you show me any online store that does 3rd party promotions for free. If you can show me one that does I can take it to my links in the Galaxy Store as a model for success.

Samsung Developer Relations

Maybe if search put first things, that match what was exactly written, not what similar is most popular…