Serious concern over recent Galaxy Store layout updates

I’m starting this topic so we can discuss the latest Galaxy Store update, which will remove “Watch” section from the main bottom menu.

My main concerns:

  • The new Store has only “Games” and “Apps” in the bottom menu.
  • When you tap the “Apps”, once again you can’t see the “Watch” category, it requires sliding the top menu to reveal it.
  • When you finally find the “Watch” menu, it’s hard to get to the top charts
  • The main top chart no longer exist - it is instead broken up into each of the watchface categories, requiring even more tapping, browsing and sliding through the Store to find content.

This version of the Store layout is not visible yet in all countries, so currently most developers are not aware of these changes and are not seeing the effects in terms of downloads and sales.

But if this does in fact go live globally, it will mean that the wathcfaces are burried deep within the Store submenus. I am seriously worried this will have a negative effect across the board, for all developers and for everyone’s sales.

I’m asking watchface developers to join in the discussion so we can hopefully influence a change before this becomes permanent.


I’m totally agree.

Watch faces seem much less visible than before … No General Top List, no new content list … Few pictures …

It should also be said that the Wearable app, with Galaxy Watch 3 has improved compared to previous versions … It looks like an alternative Galaxy Store.
Hope this version is rolled out for all devices.

Anyway, I too think we need an urgent fix on the Galaxy Store.


The train has left the station I’m afraid, and it’s a one way train! I have one face that’s been in the top 10 paid for months and it took me forever to find it now. Customers aren’t going to drill down all that way! The US got this new version this week.

And does anyone get notified of the promotions, or how do we find out? There’s now a “free” face for a certain time on the primary screen. How to we apply for that? With themes, the team is great about sending emails with promo details. Watchfaces, I’ve never seen an email that I remember.

Samsung Developer Program had a meeting on this today and raised all these issues with the Galaxy Store team.

That the Watch Tab is not visible on some devices is an issue that needs to be addressed. It is like that on any of the narrower mobiles. The devices with wider screens watch shows partially or fully.

There are two banners at the very bottom of the watch store home page “Popular Watch App” and “Popular Watch Face” I’ve asked them to change it to a similar look like they did for the Category tab and to move them higher up in the order.

We believe that 70% of the traffic to the watch store is from the Wearable App but that was unclear. We are trying to check with the Wearable App team about this but it is a holiday week in Korea.

The Now Free (previously Free Now) has been around for a couple years. Submit request as a support request or promotion request for the contact information and details.

I’d be happy to take any other concerns to the Galaxy Store team please report them here or as a Support Request.

Samsung Developer Program

Yes, this a problem with the new store that currently rolling out on the US. The watch tab is the main problem. It is hidden under sub-tab that’s need to be horizontal scrolled. I thought there is a problem with my phone so I reset everything and that when I found out the hidden watch menu.

I like the idea of separating top Apps and Watch Faces, but the banner should put on the top or as a tab, not buried all the way down the page.

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Hello friends! There is also an error on the TOP tab where the list was in a column, on the main page after going to the TOP tab, the first 3 dials are displayed, but if you expand the entire list, then applications for watches appear there, not dials! In my opinion this is a mistake. Based on feedback from other developers, the problem is in the TOP tab in all countries after updating the Galaxy Store app.

Since the latest USA Galaxy store update, my sales have dropped significantly in the USA.
I am talking about more than 60%.
This needs to be addressed because looks like all watch face sellers will be disadvantaged with the new galaxy store format. I hope it goes back to how it was…

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Blockquote Since the latest USA Galaxy store update, my sales have dropped significantly in the USA.
I am talking about more than 60%.
This needs to be addressed because looks like all watch face sellers will be disadvantaged with the new galaxy store format. I hope it goes back to how it was…

If other sellers are noticing changes in their USA revenue, please voice your concern! As I mentioned, the new layout is not active in most of the markets, but it is in the USA. Check your USA numbers!

I’m worried that even making the “Watch” sub category more visible will not help much. Without having the “Watch” category back in the main bottom menu, I’m confident we will see a big revenue drop.

Yes, the Gear app is now working more as a funnel, but it affects mainly new or first time users. Returning customers will go to the Store and not see a single mention of the watchfaces or watch apps, unless they go digging in the subcategories.

I think it’s strange that the watches are being bundled with smartphone apps. It’s a totally different device category.


It’s so hard to tell what’s driving prices right now in the States, it could be the election. I don’t have huge watch face sales but my sales are consistent. But with themes my sales are down 50% in the past month.

I received some messages from US users, both on social channels and by email … They can no longer find the watch faces correctly as before.
I also noticed a drop in downloads in the US, even on watch faces free, after the last update.

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This is definitely concerning and needs to be changed ASAP!

Another problem I’ve found is with the Search function in the Galaxy Wearable app. This might be what Matteo’s users have been experiencing.
Many apps simply don’t come up when using Search through the Galaxy Wearable app, while everything works well on the Galaxy Store app. I’ve tried searching for several of my watch faces, as well as several other devs to test this, and there are very little to no results - like they don’t even exist in the Wearable app.

This is very worrying, as many users will use the Galaxy Wearable app which SHOULD be a convenient way to find more apps, watch faces etc., and find nothing. This is damaging to both us developers and the end users for getting a bad (incomplete) experience of all that’s available in the Store.

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new tab needs to be more visible

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I am not sure if I am right but this should also affect to us App Developers (for the Samsung Galaxy Watches) or?

If yes, this would explain for me a lot xD I was already confused why my sales in US have dropped around 40%… :confused:
I was thinking that people are simple less interested currently in my apps so idk :confused: …btw. I am the Developer behind GearKeyboard, WatchLight and some other apps…)

For App developers there was also a change in what was displayed and where it was displayed for Watch Essentials and collections like top watch apps that may have affected some sellers.

There is a plan to change Personaliaztion to a shorter word or moving it so the Watch Tab shows fully. I don’t know when the next Store update is planned.

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The latest watch designs are not visible in the new section of the watch section of the store

They are for me in the US Store. You may have to force close the Galaxy Store App and relaunch it to clear any caches.

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Is there an easy way to see all new faces, my method seems convoluted?

I open the Wearable app, tap on View More for Top Watch Faces, scroll down to the categories, and check each one (Digital, Analog…) to click on the New tab. No way to just see all new faces?


It is very hard to find and we are talking to the store to change this.
From the wearable click on any watch face to open the Galaxy Store Watch page

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Watch store home page there is a banner Popular Watch Faces, this opens for top paid, top free and New

Or you can select Top Watch Face Categories and select Others to get there.

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i felt that watch faces less visible than before, and why few pictures

Can you explain this a bit more. If you are talking about product descriptions the number of images is set by the seller. That hasn’t changed. If you are talking about the Store home page please let me know more.

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