Quick Pannel Primary Colour Bug (One UI 4.0)

The Wi-Fi/Quick Share primary colour doesn’t display correctly. Example: I have my primary colour set to purple and the Wi-Fi name displays as purple but the Wi-Fi icon displays as default blue. Another thing is the bluetooth items do not display white like they do in the settings menu. Here is the screenshots displaying these. If there is a fix, let me know.

I believe for One UI 4 Beta you need to report all bugs via the Samsung Members App. This is not the correct forum for that discussion.

Samsung Developer Relations

This isn’t beta. This is official. This was released with Verizon 3 days ago.

I haven’t got it yet. :slight_smile: but it really doesn’t matter since feedback still has to go through the Members App, or Samsu.com → support. But the best way is to submit it to your service provider support. They have a direct path to report bugs in the platform.

This forum is for 3rd party developer tools and sdks support.

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