Wi-Fi signal Icons

Anyone else have this issue? I’m on the latest version and can’t figure it out. When I test it, it looks fine but I can’t get the same “popup” on testing that they do. I just get the default wifi in the Settings, doing it just like they have suggested. I’d love some help. TIA

Wi-Fi signal Icons is poor visibility in Wi-Fi Popup
***GTS version: 14.1.19w.1


  1. Apply theme
  2. Quick panel - Long press on Wi-Fi - Check Signal Icons on the left

[Expected result]
Visibility of button, icon, text should be good

*Please ignore below content if you are using latest version of GTS
**Please always use latest version of GTS to create theme.
Current latest ver: 14.1.19w.1
Official site:
[Test Device Info]
Detected Device: SM-F946N_TM, SW Version: F946NKSS2CXE1

So I was able to find a phone that could replicate the popup in the test mode and figured out the color for the icon is the Common / color / primary color. The larger background color is your action bar color, but the box is their percent black overlay that they use on things like the Device button on the Notifications page. Hope this helps someone.

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Thanks for providing the Cert file details too, that helps to find the screen in question. So many people expect help but don’t provide all the details. :+1::+1::+1:

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It’s happened again. This time it will be really hard to make the primary color something that will show up. I really hope they fix this ridiculous issue with the popup. It should be a designer-chosen background color or they should give it its own color selector.