I can't see the last comments

Hi there.

Since yesterday I am not able to see the latest comments of my watch faces in the seller office.

I can see the preview in the comments tab at the bottom of the main page, but when I enter the list of comments, it loads me with old dates. I tried to filter but I can’t see the last ones.

Is anyone else having the same problem?


Same here, my comments start at #276… I’m sure they are working on it, but you could submit a question to the store in the even they haven’t noticed :slight_smile:

Although… if you select by country they seem to all show, but one country at a time!

OK, I see what they did… they changed the country drop down list to only show countries where comments were left! This is awesome, I love it, I can now go through the countries one by one and leave translated comments.

Hopefully they’ll fix it where we can still see all of them though.