Real-time data transmission from Gear Fit 2 to PC

I want to make use of Gear Fit 2’s heartbeat data, on my program on PC.
Because of the data’s nature, its data feed has to be in real-time.
What is the most reliable method I should take?

To be specific, My app is an Unity-based game.
And I want my game to get the user’s heartbeat rate in real-time,
to give some different experiences based on its value.
So, wireless methods are preferred.

Any ideas are welcomed.

If you want Gear Fit2 you can send sensor data to and access from a server, there is an example here android - Retrieving Data from GEAR S3 Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) to Mobile or Server - Stack Overflow
But you can not access Samsung Health information that is proprietary algorithm and you have to be a Health Partner to access it.

Samsung Developer Program

Hi Ron, do you have a link to apply for Samsung Health Partner?

Yes but they have closed this since last April. You can submit a request to be notified once they are accepting applications again.

Samsung Health Page Partner Apps Program
Submit a request to be notified Here.

Samsung Developer Program