Remote Crash Reporting Tool

I recently started developing Tizen native app. So after app was done I wanted to implement remote crash reporting tool. For example for iOS/Android we have something like Firebase Crashlytics. However I didn’t find something like that or something similar that can be used on Tizen platform.
So I was wondering how are you handling this case?

Hi Jovan,
Did you check valgrind/leak/sanitizer? Here is the link:
Are these helpful to you?


Unfortunately these tools are not what we need. As far as I understood these tools can help me to prevent crashes of my app. What we need is a way to detect crash of the app, generate report(e.g. minidump) and send it to server where we can analyze what went wrong.
These tools that you mentioned are good for develop phase but what I was looking for is more for a live phase where users are already using our app.
Tools that are doing this on Android/iOS (that I mentioned in my question) can tell us if our app is crashing on users device. These tools can send us info about what went wrong so we can fix it and publish new version of app that won’t have the same issue again.

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Hi Jovan,
As far as I know, there is nothing like Firebase Crashlytics which supports in tizen. I did not find anything like this in public documentation. In call stack view we can see the reports during debugging but unfortunately you can not track or receive.