Please stop testing lock screen video wallpaper on ZFold inner screen

There have been too many Themes rejections solely on lock screen video wallpaper tested on ZFold series inner screen. Yes, the video gets cropped due to the inner screen ratio. But Inner screen would only shows lock screen video when there is no screen lock type, plus user has to touch the inner screen while it’s on standby mode. How many ZFold users carry or leave the unit in fully unfolded position?

This rejection goes back 12 months ago with ZFold 3 release and is still a reason for rejection.

I propose two solutions:

  1. Stop testing lock screen video wallpaper on ZFold inner screen.
  2. Add/change lock screen video ratio to include ZFold inner screen (I proposed this a year ago on this forum)


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Testing is out of control. Rejecting for things completely out of our control. And rejecting because the tester didn’t like something that’s a personal preference.

You need to report this to premium support service.

Samsung Developer Relations

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I always uncheck Fold Device’s and leave the comment “don’t test on fold devices, if they are as supported devices unselected”

Never have problems since that

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