Resolutions of 480x480 test images and black crushing

These are my test images for testing the resolution, clarity, and black crushing of 480x480 watches with Watch Face Studio. My results were not so great.

The first image contains a bunch of squares and those squares contain either one-pixel squares, 4-pixel squares, one-pixel horizontal/vertical lines or two-pixel horizontal/vertical lines.

At the bottom half of the image is the black crush test and it should display all boxes even at the lowest brightness.

Test Watch

The color bands will show whether you are able to view a full range of colors, mine did show up well for colors but black was crushed and it was not displaying the image pixel per pixel correctly.

I implore people to test their own and find their own results I will upload mine and maybe we can find out why if the 450x450 canvas is adaptive to the individual watch what is happening.

You may not notice a huge issue for pictures with clarity but line art and simple minimalistic icons every pixel needs to be perfect or it will lose that crisp fresh look.

Images taken or altered from

Contrast - Lagom LCD test

A great place to do basic monitor calibration.

Hi what is black crush mean?

Anyway i do see images 1 to 8…should i be seeing more if there is no black crushing?

Here are my results, distortion in the individual pixel lines and squares and distortion at the group of 4 squares.

As you can see when the brightness is low it does black crush at higher brightness levels it doesn’t

How about the second half…

For my watch I cannot see square one, but I see an issue in the file and to make it more obvious and easier to judge I will create a special file specifically for our watch here in a second for black crushing that replicates the same concept but with a circular face in mind without a giant white half above it.

I realize this isn’t ideal since the bright white above it makes it harder to tell when it’s occurring.

I originally edited these as a quick test.

Hi probably its to do with resampling…but no choice they not providing 480x 480 canvas.

Wondering if we just put a 480x 480 image without adjusting to the 450x450 (meaning just like the image exceed the canvas

Will it help?

Meaing will wfs crop image then rescale or just used the 480x480 as is

its a good question and easily testable with that file

Test when i am free and have access to my other halfs gw6 watch :slight_smile:

My watch crashed and rebooted while trying to sync with studio ;n;… (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

This image is with the brightness at minimum

My camera had to use night mode to even make out Hex#0b0b0b which is signified by the number 11.

It is 11 steps from 0 and 0 is true black.

This is max brightness on my galaxy watch 6 47mm

You can barely see it but step 5 which is hex code #050505 is barely visible but there.

Meaning at max brightness everything below a 5 is showing as true black.

Again this is with night sight on my phone so this is showing better than the human eye could easily detect it took 6 seconds to take that damn photo.

Personally I can see 5 but barely. But that’s all caused by black crushing.

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Black Crush Clock style 0.12
Here is the file its based on

It happens when i press pair…couldnt get the ips and ports

anyway as for the resolution weirdest thing with however this thing is handlng scaling…

If I set the image to 450x450 or 480x480 it s displaying as under 1 pixel per 1 pixel. So clearly neither resolution is pixel perfect for the watch… but when I set it to 900 x900 which is double 450 it does show two pixels per line, so with rounding 900x900 is double but there must be a magic exact resolution to get pixel perfect images and until they let us know and set exact resolutions our images will never be pixel perfect.

All I can say for certain is I do not believe that 450x450 is doing justice for the 480x480 watches.

That things under step 5 appear to experience black crush at max brightness and things under step 11 experience it at the dimmest brightness.

Meaning if you want something to display regardless of brightness it has to be a #0b0b0b or brighter.

My Nintendo 3DS didn’t crush blacks this bad… :skull:

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I’ve sent this issue to samsung members and I have received a reply (Samsung members) that the problem of the invisibility of the gradient, the so-called Black crushing, has been noticed and will be removed with a software update.

Thats two different GW6 Classic with my watch face with black crushing effect in the bottom.

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Are you trying to reinvent the wheel?
What is in WFS is canvas size, not pixel size. It happen to match the pixel size of the GW4 and 5. The resource files (images) inserted and stored in the built files are the size you insert them even if they are bigger and you rescale them to canvas. So the watch should be able to use them in their original size.

@Peter Is the reply to me? Or ceros?

Sorry, I mean it in general, in august we had topic here about the resolution and also black crushing mixed into it later.

Sorry i deleted my observation as i just realised my gw6 is 432x432 instead of 480x480

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