Watch Face Rejected yet again

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My watch face is American flag themed. You can cycle through different colors. I have a standard Red White and Blue, another that is like rustic Red White and Blue, that I call Old Glory, Another that black and grey, another that’s all blue, and another that’s all red. And you can mix and match these colors.

Anywho, it’s a mix between a digital clock, and analog clock. The hour is in digital format, the minute in analog format.

In the background there are stripes. And the white stripes, or lighter color depend on the theme is the battery level of your watch.

With that said, these are the rejections I’m getting.

  1. Your Wear OS screenshots include transparent backgrounds or masking.
    Fixed this one. This seems to be a common issue for us all…

  2. For example, your application does not provide background stripes on square face device as shown/described on the store listing.
    Fixed this one, by excluding the Oppo watch…

  3. For example, your application does not provide the option to change colors as shown/described on the store listing.
    I know this one is bull. So All I did, was rebuild the app, and increased the version number.

  4. For example, your application does not provide two tone stripes as shown/described in the Wear Screenshots.
    This one is a misunderstanding on my design choices. As I said, the stripes are the battery level. So, the screenshots I provided, shown the device at 75% battery level. Making it look two toned. I ended up adding screenshots of the watch showing full battery. I even talked to a reviewer, when I appealed their rejection. Explained to them, what they are not understanding about my watch design. They acted like they couldn’t help me any further. There’s nothing wrong with the watch face.

  5. Your application does not provide background color customization as shown/described on the store listing. Your app doesn’t update to reflect color choices made.
    These I just got a few minutes ago. I’ll explain. When costuming my watch. There is a Background layer theme .png, that you’ll see when the battery starts to drain. The next later is the stripe layer, that is in front of the battery level. I then have another layer for the ring, then another layer for the stars, then the watch minute hands hands. Then theme colors.

It says “Your application does not provide background color customization as shown/described” It does, behind the battery level. The battery has to drain to see this background color.

It then says, “Your app doesn’t update to reflect color choices made.”
This is also bull. I know it does.

Am I being crazy, thinking, they are rejecting it, or messing with me, for the soul reason of it being a American flag?

I uploaded another watch face on Friday, and that one is already live, in the play store, for WaerOS download.![battery level|500x500](upload://fnvlrauGY7yvthePdJ18gYurpZJ.jpeg)


I’m just going to build each color theme as their own stand alone watch face.

Yes, guys, the situation with checking the watch face for the Wear OS release type is a complete horror.

There are so many complex applications in Google Play with simple descriptions …
But we are forced to describe functions that are intuitive to each user specifically for the Wear OS validation team - this is not normal.

I’m afraid to guess what will happen if you make a really functional watch face, with the weather, etc.

My watch face, which was rejected due to a “heart rate problem”, still hangs in the “rejected” status for Wear OS.
But the watch face with the same functionality, which I downloaded later, has already been approved.

For Galaxy Store, I wrote descriptions of more than 5000 symbols for weather watch faces (largely for the verification team).
At least Galaxy Store team read it.
In Google Play, the result of the check is a roulette wheel.

It seems to me that without Samsung’s help, it is unlikely that anything will change.

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Try to disable the battery feature and the screenshot related to it. Let it pass, and then update it. So far, updates for an approved watch face do not need human QA.

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I removed your profanity. It is not acceptable.

Use a .jpg file not a .png file.
Here are some links that will help

Meta Data
Privacy Policy

Showcase Preview Assets

Heart Rate should be resolved in the last WearOS Powered by Samsung update but that may not have been applied to all watch makers yet.

I believe that the OPPO watches should be fixed in the next WFS update

Samsung Developer Relations

Has this worked for you?