Resource not found!

What does this mean?

Adding dates in using Bitmap Font, with all days in a grey, using Text then Bitmap Font, and a tag for the current day to show up, in a different colour. The highlighted actual day works, but not the static grey days!

The Build Error box with the resource not found message pops up when saving and uploading to the watch.

Is this Galaxy Watch Studio or an older version. With some older versions it would show up if you sekected to design an AoD but didn’t create one. GWS will just use the default.

the other thing is that indeed a resource was not found. Check to see if you have any resources named the same. GWD allowed this but GWS will not and you will get an error trying to build.

The other is that the resource is missing. Close the project file and create a copy. Then rename the copy to .zip and open the file and see if you spot anythink in the xml file that is not included in the project.
Look for something you used but is not in the resource folder.

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Hi Ron

It is GWS. I did copy and paste the days, for both the background and the active foreground, so not sure if this is the issue, even though the names were changed!