Review team

Who are the review team? Do they have to follow some kind of “manual” during tests? Or are they regular users?? Do they have access to the description and videos we submit???

Honestly, they need to try a bit harder during their tests… today I got a rejected for a supose error that is not an error (not the first time)… And the solution are so simple, all I need to do is resubmit (the exactly same app) asking them to try to click on the screen, or to slide, or to read the description… This is somehow so frustrating, one thing is having to deal with a client, another is have to tell (basic things) to the ones who are testing or apps (and have to wait, I dont know how many, days because of it… especially when it is just an update of an app)

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My understanding is this is a checklist that they follow. While the reviewers speak English they are not fluent and it could be how you give directions that is confusing.

As for expecting the reviewers to try harder, they represent normal users and it seems if they have trouble you would not get very satisfactory reviews if you released the product.

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