Buyers not understanding what they are buying

Is there anything that can be done when a buyer clearly doesn’t have a clue what he bought and then leaving a negative review in the store?

I am talking about a buyer buying a watch app (that’s actually described as a “standalone app” and also mentions “No need for a connected phone!”) with all the screenshots taken on the watch (i.e. being circular), and then the buyer complaining in the review that the app doesn’t run on the phone, but on the watch.

Sorry, negative comments are a way of life :frowning:

You can vote here though, and add your input to this thread…

You can request that a review be deleted and they will do it if there is justification. Be sure to give them full information content ID and Name and which review.

I think you have justification.

Samsung Developer Program

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That’s great to hear Ron, thanks.

I’ve only had success in removing comments with vulgar language :slight_smile:

Hi Ron
Who do we need to write to get the review removed

I was told contact 1:1 Enquiry
Remember it has to be justified.

Samsung Developer Program

I sent information in with a screenshot (they gave a 1 star review with 1 curse word) and explained the situation. I received a response email that the screenshot needed to be converted to English. The issue is your not suppose to respond with curse words. Not sure what to do.

You can only submit information in English or Korean there are not conversions for screen shots.

If you can open a support request with your content name, what country this is in, also include the screen shot and the words in text and the translation into English we can bring it to the attention of the seller portal team.

Samsung Developer Program

Last month I reported a comment someone left for me with the F word and the response from the Seller portal was for me to contact the person who left the comment…