Rotation Properties

Hello to all,

I am seeking for some help with Galaxy watch designer as i am not able to figure it out my self.

I am building a watch face with 3 gauges as progress bars for Steps / Distance / Calories. I have created several images but let me please try to explain:

Top Layer: is the gauge cover. This layer is a round layer that has a “hole” where the progress bar should be.

Middle Layer: is the progress bar it self. I inserted the image and rotated 180 degrees to hide behind the top layer. I have assigned rotation properties: 0 times + 180 degrees so when the gauge is full it should stop rotating

Bottom layer: Another gauge outer background which contains the gray background (when the gauge is not full).

Unfortunately, when testing the gauges, i see that the indicators are a bit off from the expected result. However, when the gauge is full it matches the expected result. It seems that while rotating, it is loosing a bit it’s trail.

All images are exactly the same resolution ex: 125px x 125px and also the indicator is the same.

Could you please support?

Another problem i face is that the calories gauge is always full when i install the face to the watch. As you see in the image, in the preview it works.

Thank you very much
Kind Regards
Michail Kritikos!

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Hello to all, while the problem has an easy fix (made the image of the progress bar bigger in width so it covers the area) I would like to still understand if other people are facing this and how they solve it.

Also, I haven’t been able to find out why the calories (which by the way have the same properties as the other gauges) works on the emulation but not at the actual watch…

Any tips appreciated!

its just a guess, you may have confused cal with kcal, which is 1000x more.
As for the gauges it seems to me you are stretching image of odd number pixel size into even pixel size, maybe that shifts the center of rotation off the centre of image.

There is something about rotation of the hands matching the same static image in GWD. specially when you have different colors. I had an image of the same size made in PS changed the color and tried to use it as a hand with rotational properties and it would not match. the problem was centering of the original image and the centering of the hands to match without resizing in GWD.
conclusion resize and specifically create the image the same size that you want it in GWD in PS then import it in GWD, another thing was if you did it in AI it worked better. Somehow if you rasterize anything is PS it looses alot of its resizing accuracy.