Sales contract app has been rejected... again

Reject reason: Cannot be confirmed(Document not English)

Hello, how’re you guys doing? So, I’m a brazilian designer and all of my documents have been writen in Portuguese. How can I get it in English?! I’d never heard about it before. I’m open minded about any solution you may have for me. Thank you!

You probably need to ask for an English version of those documents from your local institutions.


Thank you vm! I’ll try it

I think everything to do with being a theme seller is in English too… so all theme descriptions and content, as well as the portal and associated doco. I don’t know how non English speaking people do with the program, I hope they chime in :slight_smile:

Hello, Natalia! I’m a Brazilian designer too, and I was remembering the process when I joined ST. I didn’t need to translate any documents into English (and translating our documentation into English is a job with a normally high cost), but I remembered a detail: check the bank documentation, in case you chose to receive amounts directly through from the bank and not through Paypal. The bank needs to issue a file with a SWIFT code for receiving foreign currency. (You can check this with your bank account manager) :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, I already had to do this once and had completely forgotten about it. Thank you for your help! I wish you success in everything. ^^

Unfortunately the request was rejected again. Can you please tell me if you sent a copy of your ID card along with the information given by the bank? :frowning:

Hi Natalia,

I did not send a copy of the ID card. At the time I joined, I even opted for Paypal precisely because a colleague was having difficulties getting the documentation approved (and it was precisely the doc with the Swift code that delayed him).

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