Samsung app shortcut on non-Samsung watches?

Let’s say a watchface has a shortcut for Samsung Timer via app ID. What would happen if the watchface is on a non-Samsung watch and the user triggers the shortcut? Would it give an error message or it would does nothing?

App ID always opens the store for me for some reason, so I assume it would just open the store and users could download the app?

Interesting, you mean it opens Galaxy Store on your Samsung phone? What would the shortcuts do for users with both non-Samsung phone and watch… :thinking:

It opens the Play Store, not the Galaxy Store

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As @stismo said if you have an open app and that app is available in Play Store or App Store it is supposed to open it for downloading. It should work for Samsung Health as that is available in Play Store and App Store.

I was told that if you upload it to Play Store you need to be sure it is documented that additional app may be required and point it out.

Samsung Developer Relatiosn

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