Samsung Health not writing steps to Health Connect?

We’re using the Health Connect API in our app to read step counts. (Our app is an app for people in physical therapy, and the step count is helpful for their doctors to monitor their progress.) While other apps such as Google Fit and Fitbit write step count to Health Connect, the Samsung Health app does not seem to do so; in fact, it is not in its list of permissions (see attached image).

Is this an oversight? Are there plans to write step data to Health Connect?

You can create a support request. They will give you faster response. Make sure you share below information when you create the request:

  • Watch Dumpstate log
  • Video where the issue and reproduction steps are clearly visible
  • Sample app or code snippet

Hope your issue will be resolved :blush:


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See this topic @devPerson has brought up the same issue and it appears already connected with the Health team.

If you and he agree I can pass on the email addresses so you can contact each other privately.

By all means still contact support as Boshra instructed.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi @ste1603137554

I got an answer to this question from the person I am communicating with directly through developer support. Steps are going to be rolled out sometime in February 2023. We were also pretty disappointed by this :frowning:


Hopefully we can get this update soon to sync step numbers.