Samsung Health Privileged SDK

I’ve applied for SH Privileged SDK in order to get access to ECG and PPG raw data (Galaxy Watch 4 - Wear OS). I’d like to know when the paternship will be granted, since my company has an ongoing job that needs these sensor data.

Hi Vitor,

If you just need raw data you can use Android Studio to get the sensor data directly. There are several algorithms on GitHub to determine ECG and PPG.

If you want Samsung Health Data I don’t know the requirements or response to Samsung Health partnership. Did you have a business contact within Samsung?

Samsung Developer Relations

Actually i didn’t find any functional GitHub example about retrieving this ECG and PPG data. Can you show me any of these examples? In add, I tried to access them by sensor constants (type_number) and nothing was returned.

My only business contact with Samsung was throught the application form to get access to this Health Privileged SDK. This page (New Health PlatformSamsung Privileged Health SDK | Samsung Developers) asks to apply for a partnership in order to get access to these sensors, so i thought it was the only way to get this data. Why do you need a partnership if i can retrieve it using Android Studio?

Thanks for replying.

I’m also having the same difficulties, there is no example on GitHub referring to ECG/PPG and I also sent a registration form to have SDK privileges, it’s been 10 days and so far no resolution.

I’m in a bit of a hurry, pay a little attention to this issue please!!

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As wolmer said, can you please pay attention to this issue?
Can you answear my opened questions?

I’m sorry that I cannot help. The Samsung Health just changed the Health partnership methodology after 18 months of not accepting Health developer applications. You can open a Developer Support Request and see if there is an evaluation time frame and if not the status of your Privileged Heath partner application. You may get a response.

Samsung Developer Relations

Can you at least send me a Github example on how to determine ECG with the sensors you have avaliable without the Privileged SDK?

I see this one.

Samsung Developer Relations