Access to GalaxyWatch4 ECG raw sensor data for academic purposes


I have purchased GalaxyWatch4 to test different algorithms for processing ECG signal for my thesis at Biomedical Engineering department at University of Belgrade. I’ve noticed that Samsung states that access to Samsung Privileged Health SDK (which seems to provide access to raw ECG samples) is being granted to industry leaders, so I’m wondering if access to the SDK can be granted to an individual for the academic research purposes? If not, could access be granted if it’s requested from university department?

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Hello Dragica,

Privileged Health Partnership is for businesses that want to have their apps or hardware partner with Samsung Health or it is not really a developer SDK

You will need to develop your own algorithm based on the watch Sensors.

For Galaxy Watch4 you should look at the Health Services on Wear OS and the Health Platform API

For Galaxy Watch3 and older devices you would use the Tizen Device Sensors, getting started is documented HERE

I hope that gets you started.

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Hi Ron!

I’ve been looking at Health Services documentation but it does not provide ECG readings. Samsung Privileged Health SDK on the other hand seems to provide them. Will measured ECG signal be available for obtaining also through Health Services?


You have to develop your own algorithm for the ECG from the Sensor information.

However I do believe it you are accepted into the Premier Health Partner you can get the Samsung ECG information.

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