Take Your ECG Package Name

Our goal is to enable users to access the ECG functionality seamlessly through our app. To achieve this, we require guidance on the following aspects:

  1. Accessing Samsung’s ECG App API: Could you provide detailed documentation or sample code for accessing the ECG app’s functionalities from an external application?
  2. Permissions and Approvals: Are there specific permissions or approvals required from Samsung to integrate and use the ECG app within our application?
  3. Best Practices: Any best practices or recommendations you can share for ensuring smooth and efficient integration would be greatly appreciated.

We aim to deliver a reliable and user-friendly experience to our users, and your support is crucial to this endeavor. Any assistance, resources, or documentation you can provide will be immensely helpful.

Samsung Privileged Health SDK provides access to real-time raw ECG sensor data from Galaxy watch4 and above. You would need to build a watch app to access this data and build your own algorithm to analyze the raw ECG sensor data. To get access to Samsung Privileged Health SDK, you would need to apply for partnership with Samsung here - https://developer.samsung.com/health/privileged/overview.html. Go to “Apply for Partner App Program”.