Samsung Pledge for Sellers

Hello! I need help, urgent help. :frowning:

I had my last submission of Samsung Themes last September, and came back to submit another this December. But now I suddenly received a popup like this:
Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 7.59.22 AM

I did not receive any pledge on my email or any status regarding that even during my last login… I’ve sent support emails to Samsung currently and will wait for a reply…

Has anyone experienced this? Will I still be able to submit themes? Because I really did not receive anything on my email… :frowning:

Samsung sent out multiple emails to the theme account on file, there were multiple portal login popups, tool popup reminders and notices posted, with additional emails.

Your only option is to request portal assistance.

Unless you were making millions for Samsung I don’t see why they would reinstate you, but i could be wrong.

Hello! Thank you for your reply!
i didn’t receive any email about the pledge nor portal login popups… :frowning: Tried searching at the mailbox but there really isn’t…

In the terms and content agreement it says that you are to keep Samsung updated to your latest email address. Have you changed that since you first became a Themes Seller? I wish you luck but they are pretty thorough on sending the mails out.

You can ask the Seller Portal or the Theme premium support but I think the review team has been disbanded for the next 2 years. But you can try it won’t hurt.

Samsung Developer Relations

I haven’t changed my email ever since… And I’ve checked my mailbox, but there really isn’t any indicating about the pledge. :frowning: May I also ask where can I ask the Seller Portal? I’m not sure if I enterd the correct support link for the portal ;; Really really need urgent help from them… :frowning:

Is there a number i could use to call the support? :frowning:

Hello! I managed to receive the pledge file and have it sent back to them earlier today! Somehow the pledge file was sent to my other email… So that’s why I wasn’t receiving any updates with this email I’m using. May I ask how long does it usually take before I’ll be able to upload new themes again? :o

I doubt that anybody knows the answer, probably all the designers from here submitted it before the deadline. We didn’t have to wait for approval. I think that it will take a few days, if they accept it. We were urged to submit it before the deadline, I hope that things will turn positive for you.


Sorry to be of bad news there is still some hope but very little.

When watch face sellers had to sign a similar pledge if they were one day late they were still removed from the system.

Samsung Developer Relations