Intermittent Secure Decoder Init Failure - Galaxy A7 lite and others

On certain Samsung devices video start failure is seen intermittently on Widevine DASH assets with cause

…W/MediaCodecRenderer: Failed to initialize decoder:$CryptoException: Operation not supported in this configuration

I reproduced on the device Samsung Galaxy A7 lite (SM-T220) and have a log.
Analytics show on many devices - on linear, VOD and playback of recorded content.

In this case it is recorded content that started, then after a seek had an error.
I cannot reproduce after 25 attempts but in the field there is a high incidence. See attached…
decoder_init_failure_cdvr_galaxy_a7lite.txt (12.3 KB)

Hi johnq,
Have you checked this issue on any other non-Samsung device? Could you please share the issue reproduction steps?

Thank you.

Hi @Jakia.Sultana I have not been able to reproduce on non-Samsung devices.
We have analytics that show the Viva V21 and Xiaomi Note 10 may be similarly affected but I don’t have those devices.
Across the board then certain Samsung devices are disproportionately affected. After A11 the Samsung Galaxy A02s.
Reproduction is play video - linear, VOD or restart are equally affected - a video start error is experienced whilst trying to init the secure decoder.