Samsung Support Fat Shames Me?

Support appears to now ignore most of our questions but in one response that i did get, they called me enormous!!!

Dearest business partner,

It pleases us to work with enormous workers like you who always keep the high value of the Galaxy Store with fabulous creations.

Why are they pleased to work with enormous people like me?

I think they praised your amount of work.

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Trying to bring some humour to the forum so it’s not always serious :grin:

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I guessed it was a word play joke, but didn’t dare to do any remark about dimensions.
Some people are dead serious and very sensitive to this topic.

Translations are difficult when you translate from Korean to English. Even from UK English to the US English can be confusing. :slight_smile:

I’ve got where I can decipher it pretty well but sometimes just scratch my head. :slight_smile:

I like humor on the forum.

Samsung Developer Relations