Security Policy prevents connection to WiFi

I have a Samsung Galaxy Watch smartwatch and it works well on GWD, and an Active 2, Active 2 worked well on GWD. However, since the beginning of February 2020 he started to give an error when connecting to wifi, presenting the warning “Security Policy prevents connection to WiFi”. I do not know what happened! And it started after an update.

Recent updates have added additional privacy policies. One is that to connect to a device remotely the device must acknowledge an RSA Encryption Key. This got reset for Galaxy Watches after the last update. You probably agreed to this without thinking when you connected the Active 2 device. I think it is worded a bit differently the first time. Not allowing this is seen as an attempted hack and it is not asked again.

Be sure Debugging is on, if developer options are not on turn them on by tapping 5 times on the Software version
Hold down the home key until it says rebooting about 15 seconds or so
As that is restarting. Restart GWD better still restart your computer and then GWD
Wait at least one minute after restarting your watch for all connections to be completed.

Next time you attempt to connect GWD to your watch as soon as you try watch your watch and an RSA Key acknowledgement screen will show up. select don’t show again and select OK.

If that isn’t the problem I’d need to have more information but this is biting everyone so I assume it is.

Samsung Developer Program

You should be good to go.

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