Fix the Account LOGIN

Yesterday, the account login screen for authentication was changed, and the ID and passwords are now entered on separate screens.
With this change, the “Remember my ID” no longer works. I must type my entire email and password each time for multiple accounts. Can this be fixed please so that it remembers my ID, and Google Chrome (the recommended browser for theme sellers) will remember my ID and Password?

I assume this is part of the recent security changes being made. I can report this to the store ops team. Too late to get a response today.

By the way I only had to enter email one time.
Also I think you can add all your accounts to one user as a manager for those accounts. Do you need instructions on how to do that?


Thanks Ron, appreciate the help.

No need to use the manager functions.

I don’t know how they would expect anyone to remember a Google generated password.

I have other sites that use a second page for login and it adds the username on the second page. We should do that.


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All the Samsung logins has changed,, this community and Seller Portal all have the two screen login.

The accounts and passwords are remembered but I think it requires a double click on the password line. (Or it was very slow to respond.)

When I checked with multiple accounts it did pop up the accounts and passwords.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks Ron, it does appear to be working now. Thanks for your help.