Hello, I have a question such as how to get the status of a watch face seller. I’m just a novice and I don’t know how here and what. Thanks in advance !

Last year Samsung closed the Watch Seller ecosystem and you can not apply to be a watch seller until August read about this in the watch design review page.

You can apply for a seller account (best to use your Samsung Account for this) and you can apply for a commercial seller account because both of those are for Watch Apps and Android app sellers. But for watch face sellers because of the amount of copying, plagiarism and flooding of the store with cloned watch faces the system is closed to new sellers.

You can however continue to use Galaxy Watch Studio for your own personal use.

Samsung Developer Program

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Thank you, it’s sad that you can’t do it now.

If I become a commercial seller, can I line up a watch face now? I understand correctly ?

Having a Seller Portal account or having a commercial license has no affect on being a Watch Face Seller.

You can download and use Galaxy Watch Designer for your own personal use now. If you have any hope to being a watch face seller you should do that and be creating watch designs from now until August. Very few new designers will be admitted to the ecosystem.

You can not submit a watch face for review until August.

Samsung Developer Program