Selling same Watch face with IAP and without?


one simple question for the Samsung team.
When i wanna sell a watch face made with GWS i have to decide how i wanna sell it.

Option 1: using IAP
Option 2: normal payment

I often did write that i like the IAP idea, but i hate the fact that not everyone can use the IAP payment method. Often people without Samsung phone can’t use it. So they ask how they can buy it.

So my question now. Is it allowed to sell a watch face twice? One version with IAP and one Version without?

So that in the store will be existing 2 versions. For example:
S4U Chicago G20 (IAP)
S4U Chicago G20

I know it is a weird solution, as a workaround but what else i can do?

Matze - styles4you

This is quite common. I would name it Try and Buy or free trial as people seem to associate IAP with extra features. I’ve seen some bad reviews because the description page didn’t mention it.


Ah ok. Thanks Ron. :+1:t2: :+1:t2: