Re-Release Same Watch Faces

I noticed that several Sellers just re-release the same faces over and over every couple of weeks. Some delete the old face before they load the new one, some just load dupes.

Seems like a good way to keep faces on the new list and get lots of views. Before I try this marketing strategy I wanted to check that it doesn’t violate any rules, anyone know? Thanks.

PS. Love how this forum loads a “similar post” topic, it’s great! :slight_smile:

This is against policy and the distribution guide

1.2 Usability

1.2.1 Apps must be valuable, entertaining, unique, or informative.

1.2.2 Each app must be registered only once.

I have reported users for submitting similar watch designs and the content has been suspended. I"m not sure if the seller has been suspended.

However I do not know if this is a violation of the Terms and Conditions of the store and if there would be any penalties like Themes Store has.

Samsung Developer Program

Hi Ron :slight_smile: . And what about this ? Is this alowed ? Same layout but different images. This can be done by simple double tap to change image. New tab is full of this “unique” content.

I can guess the excuse for this “but you cant know which image catches the eye and if its only as second or later option, it would not be seen on the icon”.
But if the icons could be animated gifs…

Yeah but then they have store visuals (screenshots) for this , but when you look at them, you will see 3-4 same pictures as on the icon, so im not sure. I think app reviewers should be aware of this.

I did check with the review team and currently any changes in design even if it is only a background are considered a unique design. But this policy is going to change the new pledge requires high quality watch designs that are unique.

They are also going to be more stringent about licenses for images from a stock image sites.

Samsung Developer Program

I was talking about loading the exact same watch face over and over with no changes. Costs Samsung money because they are paying testers to retest the exact same face! Here is just one example, but there are hundreds from this and another 3 sellers that I suspect, due to similarities, are the same person using different login accounts, probably friends and family …

There has been discussions about this issue before but I agree something need to be done about this. These particular developers have been spamming the new watch face section with their simple and not very attractive designs.
I am not sure what their selling statistics are but it is obvious that not many people will download those designs. They are just mass releasing and hoping for few downloads here and there. While other good designs don’t get the visibility they deserve.
I have a simple suggestion, why doesn’t Samsung limit how many watch faces you can have active as a developer. Easy solution
More downloads = more watchfaces you can release

Limiting the number of faces won’t help because the Sellers “spamming” the store with new faces are part of the same group, if not the same person, with multiple accounts. There’s four of them releasing up to 10 or more a day per account.

I’m guessing they are pulling in sales over the wide range of faces so no action will be taken. Same as how old accounts that didn’t sign the pledge aren’t being suspended, most likely due to revenue they still generate. It’s a business :slight_smile: