Sensors: HR Batch Sensor and Step Counter

I recently bought Galaxy watch 5 pro and Galaxy watch 5 pro LTE and now making an app.
I have two questions about the sensors.

  1. Step Counter works, but needs to “screen touch(screen on)” to get the newest value of Step Counter (via OnSensorChanged())
    Please tell how to get the newest value (via OnSensorChanged()) without “screen touch(screen on)”

  2. HR Batch Sensor works, but sometimes it outputs “0.0”. Why output “0.0”? Could I suppress this?

I moved this to Watch Face Studio as that is the only thing even closely related to Wear OS App development. Maybe someone can help you but you really need to ask this on an Androidx discussion or maybe Android Studio discussion.

Hope that helps

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you so much. Appreciate your help.