Should I use WFS Beta ver 1.5.7 or Release ver 1.4.20

Hi All, Good day.
I am newbie here. I just got my Watch 6, start learning to create Watchface. : )
Should I use WFS Beta ver or release ver in case in future I would like to upload to playstore?

Thanks in advanced.

Hello Yuan,
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I would recommend you to use the updated v1.5.7. This version has some extra features than the previous version 1.4.20.
You can check the Release Note for more details: Watch Face Studio Release Note | Samsung Developer

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Hi Boshra,

Thanks for your reply.
I decided to use v1.5.7. I design a simple watch face and manage to download to my watch 6.
I try to upload to play store, but, what a complicated and difficult task!! Till now still fail to publish. :sweat_smile:
Still reading doc, and checking in forum how to solve the 2 warning in open testing :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thank you

There should be no difference unless u doing plugin for samsung flip (beta is for that)

Hi Knightwing,

Thanks for ur reply.
Will the plugin cause the 2 warnings?
I do not understand what the warning mean? Any ideal what’s the root cause please?

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Hi, i dont post to google play…so wont know

I ignore those two warnings that appear when I do a full rollout to the Play Store. Google always approved my app with no problem.

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Hi Rev,

Thanks for your reply.
I need help please.

For open testing, I already download from GooglePlay and test. But the open testing status still under in review.
Is it correct? I just need to wait for review? or what should I do?

In Production, I can not release due to no country error , but this is no Add countries/regions button to press.

Thanks in advanced!

Don’t worry about the testing. I usually upload Wear OS aab for for the closed testing but never really have it tested by anyone. I just use the testing for creating the Wear OS track and uploading Wear OS screenshots.

These are the steps I do when submitting a new watch face in Google Play Console:

  1. Create app. Name the app, etc.

  2. Go to the bottom menu on the left under Policy and programmes, click the “App content”. In app content section, complete all the “need attention” matters/questions, I think they are about 10 things or so, like: privacy policy (I use a free privacy policy), is your app a news app, is your app made for government, is your app a COVID tracing app, etc etc… complete all these steps in this section.

  3. Go to the Advanced settings, located under the Setup menu. Click on form factors and create a new form factor called Wear OS. It will tell you to complete several steps, I can’t remember all the steps but complete them all: Upload a new Wear OS aab file in a testing track (I usually make it as version 1.0.0), upload Wear OS screenshots (when you do this step you should also upload the phone screenshots, Chrome OS screenshots and the app description). Then finally you should “Opt in” Wear OS form factor.

  4. Click on the dashboard, and complete all the steps in the dashboard, I think I usually have to complete the app keywords / tags, fill in my contact email address, etc.

Don’t forget to set the price for your app. I forgot exactly where it is in this instruction, but you can always go to the “Monetise” menu and click the App pricing.

  1. The last menu under Dashboard should be the “publish to the world” or “create new release” in the Production section… In this steps, There are several steps to complete: 1. Choose the countries you want your app to be published in — I usually choose all the countries 2. Upload the app for the phone —create new release for the phone (I usually make version 1.0.1) 3. Upload the app for the watch (wear OS aab) — create new release for the Wear OS watches. (I usually make it version 1.0.2).

Ignore the warnings about deobsfucation and the other one each time you upload an aab file.

Earlier in these steps, Each time it asks you to “do you want to go to publishing overview?”, click “no”, but only click “yes” after the very last step, which is after you upload the final Wear OS aab file (mine here is the one version 1.0.2)… So after this last step I click"yes" for the question “so you want to go to publishing overview”… Then it takes me to a new page showing all the steps I have done… Then Finally I click “Send 14 new changes for review”…

That’s it.

Sorry this is just a rough guide, I don’t have time to make the exact instruction… I should make this instruction while I am uploading a new app but at the moment I’m not uploading new app yet.

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