Skin temperature complication

Wounder if it possible to have a wrist skin temperature complication on watch faces?

I saw that the sdk to access the skin temperature sensor used during sleep tracking is available. There are apps to measure temperature already but they are just standalone apps.

Looking for a complication that takes skin temperature at intervals set by me. Like hear rate.

Here are the Health Services Data types But that doesn’t mean that the watch face will have permission for all of them.

The Skin temperature is a sample data type and I’m pretty sure that is not one that the Watch Face can do

The Interval data types that are required may be something WFS can access.

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Hi Ron, afaik Health Services doesn’t have access to skin temperature. Health Platform is deprecated and also requires access given directly by Samsung.

Apps that are currently available either have access to the api or reading raw data from sensor and decoding them on their own.


Hi, yup talking about the api, and wondering if it can be program into a complication since api is available

Saw this

Thats why i put it in general

I was just putting the Health Services data types as a reasonable list of series types might be possible.

Privileged Health API is not a public API and is only available in some countries.
Privileged Health Partnership is open to individual developers who have a need, but generally it is for corporations that are in the health and fitness industry.

Samsung Developer Relations