SM-A346B wont run VP8 codex in unity

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G Enterprise Edition (SM-A346B/DSN) won’t show a semitransparent Webm file.

We’re developing this in Unity 2021.1.23f1. encoding using VP8 and the video is transcoded to h264 hand has alpha enabled.

We’ve tested with 4 different android devices including Galaxy A33 5G, Samsung flip 3, Motorola g6 plus, . But for some reason the A34 Enterprise Edition fails to run this codec, the errorlog says
“Unity : AndroidVideoMedia: Error -10000 while configuring codec.”
All the other phones mentioned have no issues running this codec.

Is there a way to get/install/run this codec that works on the other phones on the A34 Enterprise Edition?

We suspect that this is because of the Enterprise Edition that these issues occur.