Smart TV app name with spaces

I am developing smart TV application. In the config.xml file of the project there is node which name is name. Value of name doesn’t allow spaces so I have used value BasicApp.

When I run this application on my Samsung TV I see that value in the beginning of startup of the application for example BasicApp Loading. But what I want to see in that place is value with space for example Basic App Loading.

I don’t know how to do that because value of name doesn’t allow spaces. I haven’t publish application yet to Samsung store. Just ran it on my TV.

Is this the config.xml issue or can I give value with space somewhere when I publishing the app?

Anybody knows?

Answer to my own question.

I added second name node to the config.xml file. In the name node I added attribute xml:lang with the value en-gb (locale). Then I added Basic App with space to the value of name node.

It works when I run the app in my TV. Lets see what happens when publishing the app.