`tizen install` errors `[118012]` on SSSP6

Device Info
Model: QM43R
Type No: LH43QMRE
Software version: T-KTM2ELAKUC-2040.1, 2040
SN: 088DHNDMA00001R
Tizen: 4.0, SSSP6

Macbook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020)
Chip Apple M1
OS: macOS Big Sur, version 11.6

I recently can’t run tizen install to my SSSP as developer mode / Launcher URL / via USB with the same wgt package that just worked on last 3 days ago.

My assumption is about Distribution Certificate that is almost invalid in next 2 days but it is possibly invalid already somehow.

My questions are

  1. How can I renew Tizen distributor certificate? not Samsung cert which is for Consumer app.
  2. What is and where is Smart TV Seller Office partner support, how can I directly reach support about SSSP?

Issue fixed, we got new distributor certifcate that is not expired.

How did you manage to get a new Tizen Distributor Certificate that is not expire. I’ve been looking for a way to renew my certificate and I don’t see how to do it. Even if I create a new certificate profile, I always get an expired certificate.

I’m not sure but I don’t think we can generate by ourselves, and yes I checked various of Samsung official places. There is nothing about new certificate yet even on latest Tizen Studio SDK version it also packed with the expired one.

I did contact directly to Samsung partnership support and they sent me the new one.

Hi @EricP1 and @kenn , are you able to generate a new certificate and use it? I’ve been trying to generate one but it is asking a DUID. Does this certificate works only for the DUID that has been provided while creating or it can be used for other TV’s as well?

Check this thread : Smart TV certificaate issue - #11 by 20auto38
for a procedure to generate a new public distributor certificate. Check @bob-lang answer