SMS body in href is not working for Samsung S21

I have this feature where when clicked on button the mobile messaging app is opened and phone number and message body is pre-filled. I set it using JS like this:

const smsBody = encodeURIComponent(`Priminimas apie vizitą ${datetime} - ${operation}`)
sendSMSBtn.href = `sms://${phoneNumber};?&body=${smsBody}`

When inspecting HTML this is what I see:

  href="sms://+370 600 00001;?&amp;body=Priminimas%20apie%20vizit%C4%85%20kovo%2015%20d.%2013%3A30%20-%20Testavimo%20paslauga"
  class="appointment-send-sms-button btn btn-lg btn-success btn-rounded btn-block"
>Siųsti SMS priminimą</a>

Now when clicked from Samsung Galaxy 8 it worked as expected, phone number and message field were pre-filled. When tried from Samsung S21, the phone number was pre-filled, but message field was left empty. What could it be?

The issue was that client mobile had the facebook messenger configured as a primary sms app…

Hi @ignas3run

You’re right, found no issue with the S21 phone. This could be the problem with the messaging app.