Uri schemes mailto: and sms: not supported

My app supports mailto: and sms: URI schemes that have been supported long term in most other mainstream browsers .

The Web Share API appears to work for Samsung Internet on my recently purchased A70.
However this fact is not yet registered at caniuse.com

Thanks for your feedback. I’m not sure why mailto: and sms: isn’t working for you - both appear to be working for me on 11.1. Also I can confirm that the web share API does work - the data is incorrect on CanIUse but is correct on MDN https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Navigator/share (which is strange because that data is supposed to be in sync). We’ll follow up and ensure the info on CanIUse gets corrected.

I’m running Samsung Internet inside a PWA app. I’m using an sms: URL that does not include a mobile number (only a body) and an mailto: URL that doesn’t have a recipient email (only subject and body) .

Ok … I’ve just confirmed that this bug only appears when the app is installed as a PWA.
Works for Chrome PWA but not inside an installed Samsung Internet PWA.

Share button

NOTE: The “share” button referenced below is the “bent arrow” icon in the toolbar.
Tap it and you’ll see the following options:

  • EMail (mailto:) ,
  • SMS (sms:),
  • QR Code (page)
  • More (Web Share API).

The Email and SMS buttons dynamically inject <a> tags into the HTML and click them.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Visit … https://gods.gift
  2. Tap on the “share” button and test share button links and they work
  3. Install the PWA app via the RHS button in address bar (a “download” icon next to “gods.gift” URL address)
  4. Close Samsung Internet
  5. Open the installed PWA app from Android desktop (red gift box icon)
  6. Tap the “share” button and now retest each share button I’m seeing that the mailto: and sms: URIs are displayed in the Address Bar but the matching SMS / EMail application is not executed.

I’ve tested your PWA and confirmed the issue. Let me confer with our engineering group about it and I’ll get back to you.

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FYI … this is code used to open these URLs …

Object.assign(document.createElement("a"), { href, target }).click();

with target = "_blank"