Standalone mode and sms

Hi everybody, I dont know why on standalone mode, the gw3 cant receive or send sms, I had to create an app using the message service (with tizen)to be able to send sms (in standalone mode) and its working fine, but i cant not receive it, I have been searching info, and i didnt find almost anything,according to doc i just believe that i need access to the tapi library and using that functions to be able to check sms. But i dont know how include this library to tizen Developer, or how to do that (how to compile using existing api, security issues…), i starting to learn tizen, any info will be very usefull for me.
Thanks in advance!!

Hello @MiguelRuiz,
Which platform of Tizen (Web/ Native/ .Net) are you using to develop your application?

Hi, I am using native.
Thank you ver y much for your help

Hello MiguelRuiz,
I have a found same type of problem i.e. gear S3 does not receive notification.
Here is a solution-
Try the solution once and let me know whether it solves your problem or not.


Hi, I think its not the same problem, I actually receive all notifications from my tablet (tab s2 9.7 lte), I can use samsung Heath, Samsung play, ecg ,blood pressure, receive emails whatsapp and everything, but actually I have my tablet without a sim, thats why i bought this expensive watch and the problem its that the gw3 even if its on standalone mode, he try to receive and send sms from the tablet/phone… and thats the problem. Anyway i try several times that solution but its programmed to do that, and its a stupid thing if your have a 4g watch… actually im trying to use dbus service on tizen Studio to register a callback to listen for sms, and i dont have luck or knowledge :wink: I will have to get a sim for the tablet/iPhone.
Thanks for your help!!