GWS not able to run on GS3 clcassic


I am trying to run a watch design on my GS3 Classic via wifi, I have made sure that both my PC and watch are on the same network ,and that bluetooth is turned off on both my pc and watch, I have tried running the watch design on GSW 2.0 and also GSW 1.8. I have also made sure to copy the Ip add from the watch and put it in GSW, and I have ping the ip address with 0% loss.
I was wondering if anyone can provide me with a solution to this dilemma.
Thank you for your help.

Hello, I guess you did not forget to turn on the debugging mode on the watch. if you are sure your PC and watch are connected to same wifi (their IP address differs only in the last number), try to hit the connect button under the small IP window repeatedly (mine sometimes connects on first try, another time on the twentieth try). also try to touch or move the watch, to keep the screen lit. otherwise, you could miss the prompt to accept the connection. without accepting it once, it wont connect.

HI George,

There are many things that this could be as I’m not sure at what point at Run On Device that you are at.
It could be the watch isn’t turned on to developer mode and debugging on. It could be you aren’t connecting at all, it could be you are connecting but not accepting RSA encryption. It could be a firewall and you need to use SDBoverBT to connect.

First off Make sure your Gear S3 watch is updated to Tizen 4.0 if it isn’t be sure you are creating Tizen 3 binary. I’m pretty sure all S3 watches were updated but check.

Look at FAQ 23 HERE and see if that helps,

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