Step by step with images to upload a face in play console

Hello everyone, tired of looking for a guide or detailed topic of the steps to upload in the play console, I decided to ask for help in this way.
Anyone who has a step by step or the link to a guide to upload faces in the complicated google console ?.
On one face he gave me the famous “Update rejected” in wear os and I can’t get how to correct or delete the face, and I don’t want to make the same mistake on a new one.
Anyone who is clear about the process or has a link available?

This should work right now:

  1. The app icon as a jpeg with 512x512 pixels and a white background.
  2. The presentation graphic as a jpeg in the format 1024x500 px.
  3. You can also create the graphics for the smartphones, PC and tablets as jpeg in 1024x500px format. (At least 4 pictures each - maximum 8) a few screenshots from Watch Face Studio are also accepted. Simply use the images from the Watch Face Studio workspace.
  4. Very important!
    For the Wear OS graphics it is best to use the screenshot of the start screen of your watch face. Without borders and also jpeg. (This is the picture your watch face should show the first time it is turned on).
    Simply load the screenshot into an image processing program and save it 1: 1 in a jpeg (without background).

That’s all.

You don’t have to delete the entire app in the Play Console or create a new entry. It is sufficient to delete and replace the pictures that have been criticized in the main entry.
It may take a few days for Wear OS to be checked again. That is normal.


Man, so far you have been the clearest guy in the entire forum, it seems that those who could already publish do not want to comment on this topic, your information is greatly appreciated, I will update the results obtained when I can and if I succeed I will make a guide for everyone else

I do not think so. There are a lot of developers here who are very helpful. I was probably just awake the longest. Yes, this development work robs me of sleep :slight_smile:


Hello, I have the same problem in my case it will be an app only for wear os, but it keeps rejecting me because of the screenshots, it notifies me that my change was updated but when I see the section “Compliance with policies” it appears updating and then rejected, or When you give advanced settings, it automatically appears rejected.

I need your help, thank you very much in advance.

If you have created all the pictures according to the instructions, it can take a few days until Wear OS is reactivated.
The message that Wear OS is active then appears automatically. However, you can try to completely delete Wear OS in “Advanced Settings” and then reactivate it (which you have probably already done). I could imagine that this would restart the test process again (but I don’t know exactly). The “rejected” message remains until the reviewers approve it of their own accord. Just have a look at the “Wear OS” entry on your Play console from time to time. At some point it will be “green” again.

If I send the images as is, I am notified that the changes were published but in advanced configuration it is still rejected, although I delete it and reactivate it, I get that, as you said I will hope that there will be a wave. On the other hand, is it necessary to add an image to the phone’s images? just add to wear os because my app is independent

I know I should give you a guide, but I’m going to give you the steps that helped me and that is a mixture of things that I found between the forum and trial and error.


  • Check that the sources are not less than 12
    NOTE: At this point it is important to check with a 40mm watch and not with the larger Watch 4s since there are fonts that in size 14 look like 10 on a 40 watch, or rather the text is not appreciated. It is advisable to increase 2 or 3 sizes of what you consider adequate or that results in the GWD
  • Check that the heart rate update configuration is as low as possible in the project (WatchFaceStudio - Project - Options - Health - Measure pulse - Every - 10 minutes) and that it uses the [HR] label
    NOTE: This step is optional, only if this feature is on the face
  • Icon: It must be in 512x512 pixels in PNG format “with a colored background”, either white or black or another - It is important to compress the image and not exceed the weight limit
    NOTE: must not be transparent
  • Function chart: In PNG format with a measure of 1024x500 contemplating the logo and capture of the face (mounted or raw), within the invisible margins that google places as limiting other - It is important to compress the image and not exceed the weight limit
    NOTE: it must not be transparent and “must be the first face or color that is seen when downloading the application”
  • Details, Example, Functions, Colors and AOD: In PNG format with a size of 1080 x 1920 without transparencies and should focus on the user experience.
    NOTE: What you comment on the image of how your face works, will be tested that way by the review team, so if you comment and say that you have to follow a step for a certain function, it must work as you indicated, otherwise you will be rejected face.
    Image DETAIL: It can be an image with a text that indicates most of the things that your watch brings, such as number of colors, interactive functions, health indicators and others
    Image EXAMPLE: Simply an image of a clock with your face mounted
    Image FUNCTIONS: An image of the face with the interaction points where it is indicated what function each one has and the steps (if there are steps to follow for any function)
    Image COLORS: An image edited or not with ALL or MOST of the colors or designs obtained (if this function is included), the user when customizing the watch
    AOD Image: An image (optional) of a watch with the AOD of your face
  • Screenshot: These are some of the images you get from WatchFaceStudio but “they must be JPG with a WHITE background”
  • Screenshot: These are some of the images you get from WatchFaceStudio but “they must be JPG with a WHITE background” in the same way as the previous point
    NOTE: It is important that in the WEAR OS section, you only upload the screenshots as mentioned above (JPEG 450x450 with WHITE background), otherwise your face will be rejected

You only have to fill in the PRODUCTION steps, the others are for testing and if you start the testing procedures by mistake, you must delete or close the test so that the production can be seen.
In other words, if you did production and testing simultaneously and your face was approved but you have a test launched, “your face will not be seen by other users until the test is closed”

  • Steps to follow: I recommend following the steps in this video GOOGLE PLAY STORE 📲 Cómo PUBLICAR tu primera APP Android 2021 - YouTube (it is in Spanish but shows the steps exclusively necessary) and adding those that correspond to WEAR in the advanced section
  • Add Wear OS: It is enabled in LAUNCH - CONFIGURATION - ADVANCED SETTINGS and within this you have to activate WEAR OS and upload the .app and then go to publish (you should see the text “under review” in the information)
  • Exclude the OPPO: As soon as you finish with WEAR, it is important that you immediately exclude the OPPO watch, go in the side menu to LAUNCH - SCOPE AND DEVICES - DEVICE CATALOG and in the list, go to the bottom and where it says " show row ”place 500 and you will see the OPPO (it is square), click on the arrow to enter another screen and in each version (Beluga, Orca), click on“ show details ”and then on the EXCLUDE button
  • Add Privacy Policies: This step may be asked before or after but to carry out the privacy policies it is advisable to follow the simple steps in this video Como crear las políticas de privacidad en el Play Store - YouTube (It is in Spanish but it is very clear and precise, giving a permanent method to your policies)
    Performed these steps you should not have problems.
    Some considerations:
    Whenever possible avoid the use of pulse measurement, also limit the use of interactive functions to:
  • Alarm
  • Calendar
  • Battery Status
  • Message
  • Music
  • Telephone
  • Setting
  • Custom ID and in the latter it is preferable to use Samsung healt since if you use another it should be indicated that it is necessary to download an indicated application

I hope some of this is helpful for you or another user :wink:


Thank you very much for all the info, I will review it for my app.

After uploading new screenshots it still says “rejected” in advanced configuration. And there is no “submit again” choice anywhere. What should I do after uploading new screenshots to be reviewed again? I tried removing an adding wear os compatibality and nothing changed.

You need to wait for few days.

It is as Isaac said above, for that reason, always before, take the precautions that I tell you to avoid that annoying situation.
Updating that process takes time and sometimes you get rejected anyway

Thank you for the answers. As you mentioned after waiting for a while “rejected” turned to a green check. But my phone’s google play app still says “not compatible with any of your devices”. But in the web version of google play I can download for my watch. Also my watch face is listed in watch’s google play. But I cannot search, buy or download in my phone’s google play app.

The issue is very well known.

It is because Google changed the registration format from apk to aab.

If you made the app in Android Studio, there is no issue.

Search the forum. The forum has a solution.

Hi, I have finished most of the steps in the Play Console but some of the steps won’t go further. What is the meaning of internal testing? Who is testing it? The app says it is a draft. What is the meaning of
Review and roll out the release. Is somebody going to review or is it me? The last thing is, I put 2 testers as internal testers. Which is also myself. How will the other myself going to test it, because I cannot download it to my watch?
Thank You!

Hello. You don’t have to have the Watch Face tested. You can upload it to Google immediately.

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Actually I uploaded 4 watch faces. I did every step one by one. Including Privacy Policy, screen shots everything seems to look okay. The first image shows my 4 apps. 2 of them are draft and 2 of them say internal testing. Recently I received an email form Console, saying Your app is live in the store. I click the link. Nothing. Thank You very much.

Just start the release for your app and do not forget to activate Wear OS in the advanced settings. Without Wear OS your Watch Face is not compatible with Wear OS watches.

One says Active and the other one says In Review.
Thank You…

See this thread.