WFS - Pixel Watch - [SC] tag issue

Looks like [SC] tag in our watch faces doesn’t work good on Pixel Watch.

[SC] tag works fine for steps below 1000 (0 - 999)

When steps count is higher (> 1000), Pixel watch reports value divided by 1000
2500 steps = 2.5
Looks like [SC] tag is not able to recognize this value and shows 25 steps.

Maybe [SC] tag is able to read only numerical characters? (0123456789)
2.5 = 25


Does it work correctly without the comma, separator ?

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron, I’m not sure what do you mean by that.

I’m just reporting that on Pixel Watch, [SC] tag doesn’t show steps count greater than 999 properly. Looks like the watch face is pulling 2,3 K steps instead of 2259 (maybe pixel watch default reporting is set to thousands in decimal). WFS [SC] tag somehow does not know how to interpret 2,3 (2.3) and shows it without comma (dot)

I confirm this “bug”. Another user who bought the Google Pixel Watch sees the numbers rounded with [SC] tag.


4000 steps are displayed in 4K on Pixel Watch.

Yes, [SC] tag results
4000 steps (4 K) = 4
4100 steps (4.1 K) = 41
500 steps = 500 [OK]

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Another example received by a user (picture a bit blurry)

[SC] tag is completely unusable on Pixel Watch. Also, every stat which is calculated based on [SC], for example km, miles, calories.

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We need to understand if this issue can be fixed with the final version of WFS or with a Pixel Watch update.


any toughts?

Thank you.

Looks like it’s a bug with the HR tag too.

If automatic heart rate detection is set, for example every 10 minutes, automatic heart rate detection stops working after some time.

I don’t know if it is somehow related to WFS but I have received reports from some users also for this issue.

Hi all,
it is difficult to answer it because we don’t yet have the opportunity to use the Pixel watch in our hands.
We will figure out what we can do on the Pixel Watch after hands-on.

Thanks for the report!


I would update this post indicating that even Fossil Gen 6, with the latest Wear OS 3.2 update, does not show the [SC] (steps) tag.

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Can confirm, also - small correction, not working [SC] tag on Fossil Gen 6 with Wear OS 3.2 is not a WFS issue. Fossil most probably forgot to properly set Wellness app as a default system steps provider. I’ve already contacted Fossil support. Here is their answer:

Fossil will probably have to update the whole Wear OS system once again. This may take a long time… :confused:

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Good to know.

Now we have to understand if Google has also made a similar mistake with the Pixel Watch and can fix it with an update… Above all “when”.

Hi all
I confirmed today that the latest Pixel watch firmware provides a correct value for [SC] tag rather than ‘K’ notation.