Suggest new features to WFS

Hello This is Samtree.

I Suggest new features to WFS.

  1. I hope you can open multiple projects. Sometimes you need to copy and paste each other.

  2. Build speed is too slow. I hope there is a model that can predict time checks.

  3. I want to have a function to store TAG.

  4. I would like to reflect the transparency in the color.

**Write this article through Google Translator.

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Your requested features are awesome. I think some of your features already in the feature list. You can put your request in the feature request thread. Ron collects features from the thread.

Are you talking about the opacity or something else? Opacity is available but as a percentage without a label next to the color. If you click on it you can use tags to set the opacity. There will be more options in the next release.

There was a hint of multiple projects in the last release note but I never saw any documentation.

Build speeds have been improving over previous versions I expect them to continue to improve.

If you put these requests in the topic Boshra pointed at I will collect them and submit them after SDC tomorrow October 12th , 2022

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I would also suggest to developers that in rulers it should be possible to extract guidelines to position objects well. Coreldraw example.


I don’t have Corel Draw but are grids what you want.

pancake menu
view Tab
Show Grid

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