Unable to access Application details

  1. Try to access ongoing sales (For Sale) application details from the App page. It’s showing following message. I had this privilege before. Any solutions?

  1. Add new app >> Description field form size should be a little bigger. or provide the resize option. it’s hard if I handle the large quality of paragaraps.

Also, I’m getting an error if I try to upload a new application.

The binary cannot be registered. You do not have permission to register an application to the Watch faces category.


If you once were an approved Seller you must have been dropped, or if you are a new Seller you must apply and get approved.


Hi Shya,

Your content was suspended when your watch face seller partnership was revoked. You can not modify the content or upload new content until you are approved as a watch face seller.

Suspended content is still available for download from previous buyers but is not available for purchase.

Regarding the font size. I understand you should be able to increase the size in your browser settings. I recommend downloading the guides for off line reading prior to uploading content.

If you don’t understand the reasons for the revocations of partnerships or yours in particular please feel free to open a support request and ask that I be assigned and I can get the specific details for your account.

Samsung Developer Program

I raised the request for a reason for suspension. But the reason they have not mentioned clearly.
I’m unable to add or update application. As per the policy, if account inactive for 3 months. all the app’s will suspend automatically. What will be status for my account and what is the solution for this?

If you reapply and are accepted you can reactivate your watch designs. Your seller account is not affected the permission to sell watch faces is. Suspended watch faces can be downloaded by previous buyers but you can’t update them.

If you feel you have a settlement coming you need to contact the seller portal 1:1 Enquiry for that.

I hope this helps. I’m sorry you got caught up in this reduction of sellers.

Samsung Developer Program