Batch system suspends a content

Hello, recently my few watch faces, that I had in store, were set to suspended. The reason says: Batch system suspends a content. It also states I can update them. I am sorry, but I do not know, what should I actually update/change, that it is no longer a reason for suspending. There was no further explanation, no nothing.
I have written to 1:1 support, but also trying to ask here meanwhile, somebody could have some idea.
Did anybody experience this? What could be the problem?Suspended

Hi Peter,

It appears that you one of the sellers that did not submit the pledge last month.Please submit a support request and ask that I be assigned to it.

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Hi Ron, thanks for the suggestion.
My bad. Now I found that unread message about action needed. Tried the link to the pledge, but it does not work any more. I sent a support question, mentioned you.
I wonder why there would not have been simply written the real reason, if I failed to submit the signed pledge on time. Can it still be done, or is it over now for me?

Hi Peter,

A main clause in the pledge is for the seller to assume legal responsibility for their work if it includes plagiarized content. So if you didn’t agree you can’t be published and all content is suspended. Suspended content can be re-downloaded by previous owners but cannot be seen by new buyers or updated by the seller.

Not having up to date contact information or responding to Samsung as required by the seller portal Terms and Conditions is the basis for content suspension. Section 3.1

Any exceptions will be done on a case by case review. There may be some leeway but I think they are being very firm.

Finally for someone like you that is more for fun, if another seller is willing to take responsibility for your content they can publish for you.

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Ron, I’m in the same boat. Now that I’ve seen the email, I have no problem signing the pledge. I mentioned your name in the support submission.

I’ll look for it but they are being very strict on this.

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I’ve noticed at least one seller that hasn’t published a face since Aug 9 2018 but all of his faces are still available on the store, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t fill out the pledge, so I’m not sure why yours were suspended? Strange :frowning:

You talking about me? :slight_smile: I got approved for testing purposes only.

I know of several sellers that had created a second account and transferred their apps to that second seller account.

email me any specifics there should be no favoritism.


Ha ha, no, not you Ron :slight_smile:

I’ll email you…

Hello Ron, @r.liechty_SDP

I have the same problem. Should I too submit a request and ask it to be assigned to you?

I just have one free content on this account.image5283

It appears they didn’t suspend the free content (yet) but you can’t upload new free content.

If you want to appeal you must try the Seller Portal 1:1 Enquiry first because if it is a mistake they should fix it. If it wasn’t they will give you a link and then ask that I be copied.

The suspensions are being pretty strictly enforced but there may be cause for an exception so it doesn’t hurt to appeal.

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I received a reply from seller portal 1:1, the watch face was suspended because I did not sign the Seller portal pledge, somehow I didn’t see the email maybe it was sent to spam or something however they have mentioned that watch faces on sale have been suspended and it does not effect my Seller Portal account, other Tizen wearable app, Themes, Games, or the other type of applications.

Does this mean I’ll have to go through the approval process once again to upload watchfaces or I can just continue and upload new ones?


To me they added following from which I assume there is no chance to get the permission back on existing account, only as new Galaxy Watch designer. Somebody correct me please, if I’m wrong:

"Also, unfortunately, it is not possible for sellers who have missed the deadline to sign the “Watch Face seller permission pledge” after May 29, 2020.

However, you can reapply to gain watch face permission by applying for new Galaxy Watch designer. We plan to open the application window in August for Q3 and we will post an update about the designer application dates on Samsung Developers Portal (

Thus, kindly suggest you please refer to the update information for the Galaxy Watch designer application dates on Samsung Developers site at the link above to obtain the Watch Face seller permission again."

I guess it is the same for me, I would still try to upload a Watch Face and see what they have to say.
Following is what I was told,

Regarding your inquiry, we would like to inform you that as we notified in April 2020, we revoked authorization for the watch face seller accounts that have not signed the “Watch Face seller permission pledge” until May 29, 2020.

We confirmed that you haven’t signed the “Watch Face seller permission pledge”. In this regard, your watch faces which were on sale were suspended.

It doesn’t affect your Seller Portal account, other Tizen wearable app, Themes, Games, or the other type of applications.

If you have signed the “Watch Face seller permission pledge” in Seller Portal before, please contact us back.


A key part of the new pledge is the seller agrees to take responsibility for any plagiarism or Intellectual Property Infringement. Since that was not agreed to you can not continue to sell the content previously uploaded.

I wish I had better news but I do not know of any exceptions being made to allow new content or remove a suspension except when it was an error by Samsung.

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I am having the same issue. I have also searched my emails for the message about the pledge and never received anything about this. All my contact information is still good so not sure.

I’m having the issue right now where all my previous designs have been suspended and I found out I’m unable to upload new builds for design. I’m still a Commercial Distribution Seller though. Is there a way to still sign the pledge?

There is no way to sign the pledge now. You will need to reapply for Watch Face Partnership in August a notice was posted in the seller portal and the email was sent.

Notification of closing the Watch Face seller ecosystem was posted in March of 2019, The ecosystem was closed to new sellers in October. And a new Watch Face Seller Pledge needed to be agreed to at that time.

A clause in the Watch Face Seller partnership has to do with responsibility of plagiarism and IP infringement. Since that was not agreed to content was suspended.

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I still feel like it is not only about plagiarism and IP infringement. I did not sign on time, so the content was suspended. On top lost my seller permission. That is clear and right, I missed the mail. But suspended and lost for good, or until issue is fixed and pledge signed? For I did not refuse to do it, I missed it. I would gladly sign it, if Samsung let me, but there is no such option. For what reason? To protect IP, or to reduce sellers numbers too?

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The only reason I see behind this is to reduce number of sellers and I am sure when the applications opens up in august it is not going to be as simple as it used to be get accepted.