How to access ECG raw data on galaxy watch 4

Hi, I’m trying to design a wear OS application based on collected ECG sensor data.

(1) How can I access ECG raw data on galaxy watch 4?

I found some references (e.g., (1) health-samples/health-platform-v1/HealthPlatformSample at main · android/health-samples · GitHub (2) GitHub - WangStar1031/ECGMornitoring4SmartWatch) on this topic. But, these are not available to access raw ECG data.

(2) If I want to access raw ECG samples on galaxy watch 4, the only way is to apply for samsung privileged SDK as a partner?

(3) Lastly, if I don’t need to apply samsung privileged SDK, can I get raw ECG samples using Samsung Health SDK on galaxy wath 4?

  • I know that I can get only 30-second ECG samples from Samsung Health Care App., but currently, I want to get longer ECG samples.


Galaxy Watch4 does not use Samsung Health SDK it uses the Health Services on Wear OS and the Health Platform API

I didn’t see any examples but there probably is some algorithms online that you can probably adapt.

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Hi, Ron
Thank you for your kind reply.

I checked the Health Platform API. But, there is no ‘Electrocardiogram’ on the list of data types.

Is the document related to ‘Health Platform API’ wrong? or ‘Electrocardiogram’ is not on the list but I can access ‘Electrocardiogram’ through the Health Platform API?

Thank you.

You have to develop your own algorithm.

My understanding is that new GDPR regulations make it very hard to share health data.


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Just so I know I’m on the right track, is it possible to stream Hrv data in the form of data type SDNN from the watch 4? This is a data type available through the API, I just want to be sure it can be streamed.

I do not know and don’t know anyone to ask.

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