Template DotNet Apps not showing in Emulator

I am unable to run the template Visual Studio apps on the Tizon emulator.

Tizon Version 4.0 Wearable emulator starts correctly but when the app is loaded from Visual studio the emulator is always blank.

The buttons on the emulator work and I can see the Tizen app on the simulator but when I activate it the display is just black.

I initially installed the latest version of the Visual Studio Professional 2019 with the same issue. I then rolled back and installed Visual Studio 2019 version 16.5.5 as I heard there are problems with the latest Visual Studio 2019.

VS Tools for Tizen is version

I have followed the instructions to the letter for installation also installing JDK 8 and the Node.js and all other steps in the instructions.

I would appreciate any support on this issue.

I noticed in the Emulator log “Invalid Form Found”

Could this be the error and how do I rectify it?

05:52:48.295| 8416|I| yagl| 688|[2900/2900] yagl_egl_wgl_config_enum:688 - WGL returned 9 configs, 9 are usable
05:52:54.611| 8416|I| yagl| 688|[2917/2917] yagl_egl_wgl_config_enum:688 - WGL returned 9 configs, 9 are usable
05:52:56.711| 4392|W|uiinformat| 148|invalid form found
05:57:46.348|12720|I|brightness| 160|level changes: 100 -> 0
06:12:00.800|12720|I|brightness| 160|level changes: 0 -> 100

Check the following:

  • Make sure Hyper-V is disabled . Instructions can be found here
  • Make sure CPU-VT and GPU is turned on by going to Tizen Emulator Manager>Select [Your Emulator]>Edit>HW Support

You can check all combinations of CPU-VT and GPU [ON-OFF combination] to check whether your application works fine.

If HAXM is not installed in your system then the documents regarding installation of HAXM is bellow:

Sorry for the late reply.

Switching GPU off as you recommended and it is now working fine

Thank you for the support